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Why Text Messaging Is Better Than Reminder Mail

May 30th, 2012

automotive text message marketingIf you’re still sending reminder mail to your customers, you should think about making the switch to text message marketing.

Here are the top reasons text messaging is better than direct mail.

1. Text Messaging Has a Higher Return on Investment – Text message marketing returns $95 for every $1 (Consent Media). Direct mail brings in $12.57 for every dollar spent on it (PrintInTheMix).

 2. Cost of Production for Text Messages Is Cheaper – Cost per card of 5,000 post cards – $0.59 (  Cost per message for 5,000 text messages – $.02 (Opt It).

 3. People Read Text Messages – Ninety percent of text messages are read within 1 minute of receipt (Mzahir). Forty-four percent of direct mail is thrown away and never opened (Conversion Multiplier).

 4. Text Messaging Has a Better Open Rate – Open rates for text messaging are at 98 percent (eCommerce Times). By comparison, direct mail averages a 3.42 percent open rate (DMA).

 5. Easy to Analyze Results with Text Messaging – Text message marketing gives you detailed analytics that shows how many people are subscribing and unsubscribing from your text messages.

 6. Text Messages Are Highly Targeted – You can schedule text messages to be received at specific days and times.

 7. Text Messages Don’t Get Lost – Text messages are safely stored inside your cell phone. Mail can get easily get lost.

 8. Text Messaging Is Immediate – Text messages are received within seconds of sending. People immediately see them because they usually carry their phones around with them. Try doing that with reminder mail.

 9. Text Messaging Is “Green” – On average, the typical home gets six pieces of “junk mail” a day. Junk mail annually produces 1 billion pounds of landfill (HubSpot). Text message marketing uses no paper, helping the environment and saving you lots of green.

 10. Managing Contact Lists Is Easier – Text messaging contact lists are flexible and easy to manage. They’re less of a headache than reminder mail lists, which take a lot of time to update.

At AfterMarketer Club, we have helped automotive industry companies use text message marketing to better reach their customer base. We have highly trained mobile marketing experts to help you plan and execute a successful text message marketing campaign.

To find out how we can help you, please visit our automotive text message marketing page.


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