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More Social Media Users Are ‘Un-Friending’ on Facebook

March 16th, 2012

Customers are becoming a lot more selective on who they friend and follow on social networks like Facebook.

A new report by Pew Internet says that social network users are becoming more active in “un-friending” and “un-following” other social media users.

The report titled, “Privacy Management on Social Media Sites” says women and younger users are more likely to “prune” their social media friend lists. Just take a look at the stats below.

  • 67 percent of women have deleted friends from their social network
  • 58 percent of men have deleted friends from their social network

Automotive industry companies and car dealerships should take note.

If you’re not posting relevant information, you may get un-friended or un-followed.

According to Ragan’s PR Daily, here are some top reasons people un-follow and un-like brands on Facebook.

  • Post too frequently
  • News feed was filled with marketing posts
  • Repetitive content
  • Didn’t get enough deals
  • Content wasn’t relevant

It’s up to you to take control of your Facebook marketing by developing a solid marketing plan and monitoring your analytics.

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