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Grow Auto Repair Shop Business By Improving Customer Wait Time Experience

February 24th, 2011

Following these five waiting room improvement tips will get you more customers.

auto repair shop waiting roomDid you know your auto repair shop waiting room is an important resource that can help to grow your business?

As you’re well aware, most people dread sitting in waiting rooms for long periods of time.  In fact, most people put it on a level similar to going to the DMV or watching C-SPAN.

Most people prefer to be doing something.  People love waiting rooms with newspapers, magazines and cable TV.  It makes the time go faster.

Now that you know the psychology of people and waiting rooms, here’s the key to growing your business:

Your waiting room needs to sell.

We’re not talking about having a salesperson on the waiting room floor annoying customers.  We’re talking about unique ways to make the customers’ wait go faster while increasing your sales.

Here are five unique ways to increase sales at your auto repair shop using your waiting room.

1.  Text Message Marketing – If you want a cheap and direct way to reach your customers with coupons and other promotions, your best option is text message marketing.  Your waiting room is one of the best places to build a list of text message subscribers.  Have signage in your waiting room that encourages your customers to join your text messaging program.  Offer an immediate discount on services with signup.  Read our report on text message marketing for more information.  Customers respond better to text messages and you can send text messages for about two cents each.  You get more sales with less cost.

2.  Facebook – Facebook is the ultimate time killer.  Many people check Facebook via cell phones and smartphones when they’re bored.  If you’re looking for ways to build up your list of fans on Facebook, have them “like” your Facebook page while in the waiting room.  Again, use signage to promote your content on Facebook.  This will allow you to connect with customers while they are in your store as well as when they leave.

3.  QR Codes – QR codes are barcodes people can scan with their smartphone.  When scanned, people will get a coupon or some other type of promotional item, or be taken to a webpage.  People are already going to be playing on their smartphone while waiting.  Give them something to scan.  They’ll appreciate it.  For more information on QR codes read our report on QR codes.

4. Video Cameras Your auto repair shop needs customer references.  Why not offer discounts and services to returning customers in return for video testimonials while waiting?  You can post the videos on your website or blog.  Best of all most people have video cameras on their smartphones, so you don’t need to purchase an expensive camera.  Have them record a video and email it to you.  If you want to buy a camera, there are plenty of affordable options.  Flip makes some good, low-price cameras.

5.  Free Wi-Fi – It’s very important your customers have free access to wireless internet.  Many customers see this as a courtesy.  Free internet also allows them to sign up for all the different online promotional deals that your business offers.


Following any of these five tips will make the time in the waiting room speed by for your customers.  It will also improve your relationship with them.

You’ll have more loyal customers because they’ll know about all your discounts and specials.  Plus, they won’t dread sitting in your waiting room.

Do you have ideas you’d like to share?  Tell them to us by leaving a comment to this posting.

For more ideas on how to increase sales at your auto repair shop, read other posts on the AfterMarketer Club Blog.  We have posts on Facebook marketing, mobile marketing, email marketing and more.

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