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The Top Three Customer Loyalty Trends For 2011

November 29th, 2010

Loyalty 360Loyalty 360: The Loyalty Marketer’s Association recently listed the top trends in customer loyalty for 2011.

The blog posting highlights 11 key trends predicted by Mark Johnson, who is the CEO of the Loyalty Marketer’s Association. In his post, Johnson gives a lot of great predictions.

Here are the three we think are the most important predictions for auto industry companies:

1. Goal of customer loyalty initiatives will be customer engagement: Johnson says engagement brings loyalty, advocacy, trust and passion from customers.

  • Our take: Social media initiatives can help drive customer engagement. Facebook and Twitter are great channels to help engage customers and build loyalty.

2. Relevancy will be a key driver of customer loyalty: For Johnson, companies will need to present customers with relevant, meaningful information to build loyalty.

  • Our take: In the auto industry, companies will need to present meaningful information through email newsletters, social media websites and mobile marketing channels. Meaningful information can be how-to articles, informational videos, social media contests, etc.

3. Loyalty will focus more on emotions: Johnson believes marketing initiatives that focus on emotions rather than logic will be more successful in 2011.

  • Our take: Marketing initiatives that focus on emotions are more successful because the company builds a deeper bond with the customer. Customers who have an emotional attachment to a product are more likely to engage and share product information with family and friends.

These three trends will be major drivers for auto industry companies in 2011 in terms of customer loyalty.

What do you think?

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